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Getting Started
In this quest, you will work in groups to create a continuation of Charlotte's Web. You can use the resources given and your creativity as a group to write your continuation of the story.


To successfully complete this Quest you will need to work cooperatively in groups of four. Each student in the group will need to assume one of the four roles.

Role 1: Charlotte's Babies- Pick a spider from one of Charlotte's babies. Your job is to create a story on the ending of your life as that spider. You may choose to go anywhere you want to go. Under resources there are some websites to give you some insight on some facts about spiders and some helpful websites. You may also draw a web and explain why you drew it that way and create a word such as in the book.

Role 2: Fern- In your group you are the character Fern, use your imagination. She can be grown up or still a child. Use the websites over life on the farm under Resources to help you with your research. You may also use the writing websites under Resources to help you.

Role 3: Wilbur- Your role is Wilbur. Explore the web pages over pigs and farms on the resource page. You can also use the writing websites and the information on the author to help.

Role 4: Templeton- Pick Templeton and discover what rats can do. Click under resources and click on the Templeton site to discover more information on rats. When writing your story use the writing skill sites to help you with your writing. This way you can write about how Templeton changed from a mean rat to a nice rat.

Task   [Top of Page]

1. Pick a person and write a story

2. Reasearch viewings of a farm building and draw a picture.

3. Look on the internet and make a worksheet.

4. Write a story about a farm animal.



1. In groups of four each person will choose a role: Charlotte's Babies, Fern, Wilbur, or Templeton. As a group you will write a continuation to Charlotte's Web. This can be a story, dramatic activity, multimedia project, or you can talk to the teacher about other ideas. Let your imagination go wild, have fun and use the resources available to you for research.

2. In groups of two each person will choose a farm building such as a barn, or a chicken coop. They will take pictures of the buildings with an adult, or they may use a video camera. After they have reviewed the pictures or the video camera they will draw what they think a barn or chicken coop will look like in the future.

3. By yourself, you will use the search engines in resources make a worksheet and grade it. This has to be creative and must allow your fellow students to learn something about Charlotte's Web.

4. This task will allow you to learn more about farm animals. With an adult, students will visit a farm and have to write a one page paper about their experiences. There are also sites on the resources page for some ideas on writing techniques.


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